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We set up The Country House Department because we felt the traditional estate agency model was selling some exceptional properties short.

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We know what matters when you’re moving and we’re determined to move things forward.

With us, you’ll deal exclusively with professionals who have years of experience selling country homes in your market. The Country House Department are not hand-cuffed by the costs and care-taking demands of high-street offices. That means we can spend more time on you, on your buyers and on getting your home noticed.

We also believe there’s a more powerful way of presenting property. Combining deep local knowledge with immersive marketing methods, we showcase the lifestyle – inviting buyersinto the world beyond your walls.

We do all of this without resorting to the opaque commission model that treats sellers unfairly. In this way, we can finally do justice to the finest country homes.

Meet our founders
Andrew Russell and Ben Bentley

The Country House Department Founders are Andrew Russell and Ben Bentley

Ben and Andrew are country home specialists with years of experience selling houses in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and The Cotswolds. Both senior property professionals, they met whilst working for one of the country’s leading national estate agents, where they discovered they shared similar ideas on the service that sellers should receive.

Andrew Russell was formerly based in Mayfair, where he handled the sale of properties across the home counties. In 2017, he moved to Oxfordshire with his young family, to head-up a regional office. Here he oversaw the sales of some of the most beautiful country homes in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Seriously proactive in his approach, Andrew is an estate agent who brings energy to his client relationships and a keen focus on achieving the best possible results.

Ben Bentley was formerly based in Cirencester where, from 2014, he focused on selling properties in some of the most desirable addresses in the Cotswolds, an area he has deep expertise in, having now lived there for well over ten years. Ben is a personable and highly effective estate agent, with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for presenting properties in the way they deserve. In 2020, they founded The Country House Department, because they believed in a better way…

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A more proactive way
of moving…

We spend more energy on what matters. You won’t find The Country House Department on the high street, so you won’t suffer traditional inefficiencies. Instead, you’ll deal exclusively with our Founding Directors, who can invest more of their time into getting your country home noticed and who will conduct every viewing personally.

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The Country House Department are estate agents with expertise in rural properties



A more captivating way
of moving…

Bring your country home to life with virtual tours, drone footage, lifestyle photography and immersive social content. With The Country House Department, you’ll work with experts who know your area intimately and can give buyers the full experience.



A fairer way of moving…

Commission is a dark art. Two quotes are rarely the same and it’s impossible to tell exactly what you’re getting for your investment. So, The Country House Department uses a simple, transparent fee structure instead. No double standards, no hidden costs.

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